The Bali Hiking and Trekking Adventure

Mount Batur Trekking

The Bali Hiking is trekking and hiking provider in Bali which consist of professional hikers. We are here to offering you the real adventure during you stay in Bali. Our team come from all around Bali that know the root of Balinese culture and all the things had been unknown by foreigners. Our ambition is to combine your interests, wishes and ideas with our experience and professional expertise to create your own adventure experience.
Mount Agung Trekking
Witness the best sunrise from the mountain during the Bali Trekking Tour and see the most beautiful scenery during the Bali Trekking Adventure. Our trekking programs provide you the combination of uniqueness of nature, culture, and tradition of Balinese. The beautiful Bali jungle, Balinese home residence and even an amazing and beautiful verdant rice paddy are the object that you will enjoy. This adventure will be memorable experience during your holiday in Bali Island. Bali Tour guide will assist you during the hike up and explain all information about places during the trekking trip.
Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking
Our website is designed to get in touch with travelers which are looking for a different way of adventure, bringing you directly to the roots of Bali Hindu culture, showing you the secrets and beauty of this island. This is why it is so important for us to listen to all of our customer’s needs and to satisfy your expectations.
Mount Abang, The Jungle Trekking
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Bali Hiking and Trekking Adventure
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+62 819-1627-5950 / +62 822-3633-1225
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Nyoman Arto Suprapto: +62 819-1627-5950 / +62 822-3633-1225 (24 hours on call)  
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Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia

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